Ole Elias Høve


Growing up in a small fishing island in northern Norway, Elias came a long way to break into the fashion industry – a place where he feels very much at home.

Elias is always keen to incorporate his background into his work. Creatively, his unique upbringing and experiences have thus far allowed him to be a very versatile and inspired artist whilst always remaining modern and fresh. Being fortunate enough to study under several of his favorite makeup artists based both in Scandinavia and the U.K., Elias has maintained and sought out his very own aesthetics and style. Not surprisingly, this sensitivity and creative style of makeup has had a very warm welcome in the fashion industry since Elias’ arrival in London in 2009.

Elias effortlessly combines the huge amount of practical experience he has had with his educational background within music and theatre in his work. This enables him to create individual yet tailored looks for his clients.

To be forever inspired by beauty, faces, complexions, freckles, textures, colors and Northern Lights remains Elias’ strongest point. Great inspiration accompanied by a polished skill set, and a consummate reputation as an artist has made Elias succeed in his passion so far, and this is what will ultimately keep him always delivering flawless results.

Elias is based in London.